Due to the passage of HB 1215, all ordinances have been removed from the city website to ensure we are in full compliance with the new state law.  The law states that if a municipality posts ordinances to their website, it must be a full and complete listing that does not include any ordinances that are no longer the most up to date.  Given the time it would take to compile every ordinance that is still in effect while not including anything that is no longer current, at this time all ordinances have been removed from the city website.  

We are now beginning the work to update our Comprehensive Plan.  Once that is completed, we will be updating and creating an up-to-date document of all Zoning Ordinances.  And once that work is done, we will compile an up-to-date document of all City Ordinances.  At that time, this page will be updated with links to all of our ordinances.  This will take two years or more to complete.  

The official record of all ordinances and resolutions are on file at the City Office and are published in the Montrose Herald at the time they are passed.